Parish Bulletin – 17th July 2016

Masses  During The  Week.

Mon, Tues & Thurs, Fri, 9.30am;

Wed & Sat: 7.30pm; Sun:  11am.


Month’s Mind

Jerry O’Carroll, Cromhill – Sat 16th, 7.30pm.

Mary (Marie) Connolly, late of Hospital &

Northhampton – Saturday 23rd, 7.30pm..


Larry Russell, ex Ballyhone- Sat 16th , 7.30pm.

Tom Riordan, Monemore – Sun 17th , 11.00am.

Ian Mulcahy & Claude Thompson,

Clashdrumsmith – Monday 18th, 9.30am.

Paddy & Kitty Dalton, Lackelly – Sun 24, 11.00


Readers  For  Next  Week.

Sat 7.30pm;     Philip Purcell.

Sun  11am;      Brendan Moloney.


Collectors – July.

Sat 7.30pm:  Mary Condon, Gerry Heffernan,

Mary Slattery, John Bourke(Bartoose) Sun  11:  James Purcell, Rita Quish, Jonas Callanan.


Eucharist Ministers

Sat7.30 Patsy Hennessy; Sun 11 Brigid Heffernan


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Wednesday, 4.00pm – 7.30pm              


Friday 22nd : St. Mary Magdalene. She was the first to see the Risen Christ and was sent by him  to tell the Apostles. Pope Francis has restored her original title “Apostle to the Apostles”.  


Parish  Details.

Fr. Bernie Moloney,PP, 062-57111; 087-6366656.



Much  More  Than  Food


When we “eat out” – in a restaurant or café –  we see and meet the waiter but not the chef. Both have work to do. We like the service and the food to be good..


When we visit someone’s home and have a “bite to eat” we pay less attention to the food. It is the person or people of the house who matter most. The relationship we have with them, the time spent in friendship: these are what count.


Today, Jesus begs Martha of Bethany and begs us to learn this lesson: to let our relationship with him grow. Then the deeds that we do will be all the better and will carry his flavour.


Famine  Looms in  Ethiopia

Climate change is adding to the threat of yet another famine in Ethiopia, East Africa. The patterns of ocean currents and wind currents

have altered, stopping the vital rains in tropical countries. Then deluges come and wash away

the thin arid soils. Crops can’t grow.

Irish aid-agencies Trócaire, Concern, and Goal

are working flat out. Please keep them in mind.