To be a Mother

Tis good to be a mother when you hold your new-born baby;
‘tis good when you see your happy child fast asleep in bed.

‘Tis hard to be a mother when tears flow the first day of school;
‘tis hard at the bedside when s/he is sick at home or in hospital.

‘Tis good to watch as your child receive First Communion;
‘tis good when school says, “making progress, well behaved.”

‘Tis hard to find your child is bullied or feels a failure;
‘tis hard when it seems s/he is losing the Faith.

‘Tis good when calls come from far away on Mother’s Day;
when you see your “child” at play with your grandchild,
‘tis good to be a Grandma.

‘Tis hard to say “good-bye” the first week of college;
when the doorbell no longer rings,
‘tis hard to be a Grandma.