Parish Bulletin – 3rd November 2013


Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9.30am.

Wed & Fri 7.30pm (Masses for our Dead)

Sat 7.30pm; Sun 11am.


CONFESSIONS – Each Sat 3.30pm – 4pm.



Mary Carroll, Bartoose, Sat 2nd Nov 7.30pm.

Dermot Mulhall, Month’s Mind – Sun 3rd 11am.

Larry & Julia Creamer, St. Ailbe’s Drive

-Sat 9th 7.30pm.

John Heelan, Ballinvrina – Sun 10th 11am.


ROSARY:The Rosary will be celebrated for our dead in the cemetery each Sunday of November at 3pm.



A meeting of the Pastoral Council in Duhig House on this Mon 4th Nov at 8pm.


COLLECTORS  – November

Sat 7.30:   Mary Condon, Gerry Heffernan

Mary Slattery, John Bourke (Bartoose)

Sun- 11am: James Purcell, Catherine O’Heney,

Rita Quish, John M.Ryan


READERS – Next Weekend

Sat 7.30pm: Brid Condon

Sun 11am:  Liz Creamer.

(If a reader is unable to fulfil a duty it would be

appreciated if another reader was asked to fill in.)





Zacchaeus showed himself open to the call of Jesus, to the surprise of his contemporaries who thought there was no good in tax collectors. It was the eagerness of Zacchaeus to see what kind of a man Jesus was that opened him up to conversion.  The decision of Jesus to eat in the house of Zacchaeus broke the social norms of his day and scandalised those who saw him. Zacchaeus had become rich off the backs of the people and they thoroughly disliked him. Yet he was the one singled out by Jesus and he responded to Jesus’ call 



 Cashel & Emly Pilgrimage to Lourdes will hold the Annual Dinner dance on Sat 9th Nov at 8pm in Dundrum House Hotel.  Music by John Gorman. Tickets €25 each.  Contact Liz Barron on (087)154 3563 for ticket sellers in your locality.


Adult Winter League commencing shortly.  Anybody interested to submit their names to Norita Kemp or Carol O’Brien.

There are still a few places available for the Cardio Tennis which takes place on Thursday nights.  If anybody is interested in attending please contact Norita Kemp or Carol O’Brien.

Please look at the Tennis Club’s Facebook page for updates.



The ‘Irish Catholic’ newspaper is on sale (price €1.50. Please put money in shrine box.)


A Public Meeting will be held in the Hall on Tues 5th Nov at 8pm. The purpose of the meeting is to get views and ideas for the development of a Three Year Plan for the village. Your input to this plan will be very welcome. We would appreciate your presence at this meeting.



Fr. J. Kennedy, PP. 062/57111; 087/2111643

Fr. S. Rochford, AP. 062/57103; 086/8162660.


Parish Website:



St Vincent’s  Day Centre, Tipp Town are hosting an Open Week (Mon 25th – Fri 29th Nov.) We invite you to come and experience what the Centre has to offer. You are welcome to call in at any time between 10am and 3pm on that week. Currently there are vacancies at the Centre for anyone over the age of 65 yrs.



As we remember our dead in November, we also think especially of those who are bereaved. One thirteenth-century Irish poet expresses this pain poignantly on the death of his young son, Aonghus: ‘Only on loan had I Aonghus from God … he has gone to another father’. Calling him his ‘young hero’ and his ‘eye’s treasure’, he expresses what many bereaved parents feel: why could I not die before he did? Instead, ‘for the Lord of Heaven have I reared Aonghus, the half of my heart’. There were no easy answers in the thirteenth century; nor are there today.