Parish Bulletin – 29th December 2013

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The Holy Family shows us the way to live a life centred on God, with love and respect for each other.



Today and Everyday, let this quiet, tender moment of Our Lord’s own family touch our hearts and change our lives.

God, bless our family. Make it like the family of your Son. May our moments of sorrow give way to seasons of joy. May the memory of harsh words fade before the warmth of a loving touch. May there never be pain that a kind embrace cannot lessen. May the tears of sorrow always be replaced by the music of laughter. May resentment be banished from our home and forgiveness reign in our hearts. Today and every day.

Let the only living thing that is stronger than the love that binds our family together be your love, O God, which makes all creation one. Let it be, God, until that day when your gentle guidance brings each of us to our eternal home and your loving arms. Amen.



MASSES: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 9.30am

Wed & Fri 7.30pm.

Sat 7.30pm; Sun 11am.

(Sun next (5th Jan), the eve of the Epiphany 7.30pm;

Mon 6th The Feast of the Epiphany 11am)


CONFESSIONS: Each Sat 3.30pm – 4pm.



James & Ellen Lonergan & deceased family,

Main St., – Wed 1st Jan  7.30pm.

Michael & Alice Buckley, Monemore

-Sat 4th Jan 7.30pm..

Jackie Lonergan, Main St – Sun 5th Jan 11am.


READERS – Next Weekend

Sat 7.30pm: Philip Purcell.

Sun 11am:  Michelle Lonergan.

(If a reader is unable to fulfil a duty it would be

appreciated if another reader was asked to fill in.)



Sat 7.30pm:  Michael O’Dwyer, Nora Bourke,

Dympna White, Mary Heffernan.

Sun  11am:  Tom Slattery, John Hennessy,

Peig Quish.



U12 medal presentation will take place on Friday January 3rd at 7.30p.m. at Byrnes Tavern.

The AGM will take place on Saturday January 11th.



The  Bord Na Og AGM will take place on Saturday January 4th at 8.15 in Parish Hall


Fr. J. Kennedy, PP. 062/57111; 087/2111643

Fr. S. Rochford, AP. 062/57103; 086/8162660.


Parish Website:



We hear from the Gospel of Matthew today how Joseph was completely obedient to God’s word. God speaks to him in a dream and immediately Joseph responds: ‘he got up’. We might look back at our lives today and notice where God was, where he spoke to us in the day to day busyness of life, in a quiet moment as we made an important decision or in the people he sent to guide and mentor us. How did we respond to this? For Joseph it meant moving his family from one country to another, into exile and back again. He must have been scared not knowing what a move back to a place that wanted to destroy his family would bring. He made huge sacrifices in selfless obedience to God’s word. Today we pray for families torn apart by unemployment, immigration, fear, addiction and conflict of all kinds. Faithful God, we pray for all families who have been forced from their homes by war, or flood, or the need to find food. Grant them courage as they travel, safety as they seek refuge, and hope for a secure future. May we, who have been given so much, learn to be generous and welcoming to those who, fearful and needy, seek shelter among us. Amen.


The 129th AGM of Emly GAA took place recently and rhe following officers were elected:- Chairperson: John Mc Grath  Vice Chairperson:
Sean Hennessey  Treasurer: Eddie Hanley Ass Treasurer: Ger Dawson and David  Hennessey Secretary: David Byrne Ass Secretary: Michael O Donnell  PRO: Colm Mc Grath. The Club launched it Five Year Plan at the AGM.



The ‘Irish Catholic’ newspaper is on sale (price €1.50. Please put money in shrine box.)