Parish Bulletin – 28th July 2019: 17th Sunday

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 9.30am;

Wednesday, Fri & Sat: 7.30pm; Sun:  11.00am.


First Friday: 2nd August. Masses: 9.30am, 7.30pm

Sacraments to those confined to home.


Month’s Mind:

Thomas Burke,The Bridge, Monemore-Sat 27th 7.30



Paddy & Kitty Dalton, Lackelly- Sun 28th, 11.00am

Peggy O’Brien, Ballyvistea – Fri 2nd  Aug, 7.30pm.

Larry Russell, Ballyone – Sat 3rd Aug, 7.30pm

Isabel Nugent, St. Ailbe’s Dr., – Sun 4th Aug, 11.00


Readers  For  Next  Week.

Sat 7.30: Bridget Keogh; Sun 11.00am, Liam Ring.


Collectors – August.

Sat 7.30pm:      James Lonergan, Jim Corby,

Marie Hennessy.

Sun 11.00am:   Peter Breen, Mary McGrath,

Joe Barry, Betty Callanan.


Eucharist Ministers for August.

Sat 7.30pm;      Marie Hennessy.

Sun 11.00am:   Norita Kemp.


Adoration: Wednesday 5.00 to 7.30pm.

Peace-and-quiet time of personal prayer.


Thank  You

Mary Winters, who spoke last weekend about the work of Viatores Christi worldwide, has written to thank parishioners for a generous contribution of €853.96 to the cause.  She promises prayers for us.


Best  Teaching  Methods            


Who was your best teacher? How was s/he best

Probably because they stirred your imagination and could sum up things in a few simple words. To help you remember, s/he repeated the words.


Jesus had the best skills of a teacher – a ‘rabbi’.

He ‘stirred’ his disciples’ interest in wanting to pray. (Today’s gospel). Then he gave them a set of simple, one-line prayers. These one-liners summed up his own personal prayer with God whom he called ‘Father’. Over the three years, he repeated this set of one-liners several times, and in various places, to help them remember.


And not only to remember but to soak in the meaning of the lines. As he wants us to do too.



Words  from  Zambia

Tessa Byrne would like to thank all those who donated to here recent coffee morning. She greatly appreciates the support she received. A total of €1,390 was raised. All proceeds will be donated to Mwandi School, African Impact, Zambia.


St. Ailbe’s  Parish  Hall

St. Ailbe’s Hall is the property of the parish and is there to be of service to the people of the parish. In the past year, the costs of keeping the Hall ticking over came to €3,092 – for insurance, heat & lighting.

Rental is kept as low as possible for parish groups.


The Hall Committee – a sub-committee of the Parish Pastoral Council – is considering holding a fund-raising Community Breakfast on the Sunday close to St. Ailbe’s Day (12th Sept.). All bright ideas and offers of help will be welcome, please.



Pilgrims  at  Knock  Shrine

Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage on next Sunday, 4th August, led by Archbishop O’Reilly. Coaches from Galbally (7.30am) & Knocklong (7.45am). Pilgrims from Emly are asked to phone Bridget Fitzgerald on 086-3594571, after 7.00pm, each evening, to book. Adult fare: €25; children €10 each.


Annual National Novena at Knock shine, 14th – 21at August: 3.00pm & 8.00pm daily. Anointing of the Sick, 2.30pm daily. Wide range of topics & speakers See the poster on display board near main doors.


Courses  on  Autism

St. Ailbe’s National School, along with Midleton Centre for Autism, will hold courses in September for parents and for professionals. Further details available on school website:


Diocesan  Listening  Report

Lord, teach us to pray.”

  1. a) “Every person has ups and downs in their lives but, having God on your side, I feel comfortable and very involved in the prayers and life of the Church. My prayer life sustains me.” (page 14)
  2. b) “Prayer groups in university. Up to 45 young people from UCD and Trinity gather for a Holy Hour. We are the future of the Church.” (page 30).


Give thought to: How can we raise awareness of the   .                    value of praying together in new ways?


Little  Pearls of  Wisdom

“A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.“


“Give God what’s right, not what’s left (-over).”


“Having truth decay? Brush up on your Bible!”


“Exercise daily. Walk with God.”