Parish Bulletin – 25th December 2011

Christmas Day



Mass on Mon (St. Stephen’s Day) 10.30am.


Weekdays: Tue, Thurs & Fri 9.30am.

Wed 7.30pm.



Tony Harty and deceased family, Monemore

– Wed 28th Dec 7.30pm.

Msgr John Burns – Sun !st Jan 11am.


READERS – Next Weekend

Sat 10pm: Nora O’Brien

Sun 9am:  Mary Condon

Sun 11am11am: Bridget Keogh

(If a reader is unable to fulfil a duty it would be appreciated if another reader was asked to fill in.)


24th/25th    7.30pm –  Sect  B;  11am –  Sect A

31st/1st –    7.30pm-   Sect  D;  11am –  Sect C

Thurs 5th/6th 7.30pm –  Sect A ;  11am –  Sect B

7th/8th         7.30pm  – Sect C;   11am –  Sect D

14th/15th     7.30pm –  Sect  B;  11am –  Sect A

21st/22nd    7.30pm – Sect D;    11am –  Sect C

28th/29th    7.30pm – Sect A;    11am – Sect B



Sat 7.30pm:  Michael O’Dwyer, Nora Bourke,

Dympna White, Mary Heffernan.

Sun 9am:  Andrew English, Sean McManus,

Brendan Alymer.

Sun  11am:  Tom Slattery, John Hennessy,

Peig Quish,



Contact telephone No: 087/9176250




O Come all Ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant.

O Come Ye, O Come Ye

to Bethlehem.



The Word Was Made Flesh





Sunday 25th – THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Jesus comes among us as a little child. His name shall be Emmanuel, which means ‘God-with-us’.
Monday 26th– St Stephen • 26 December
St Stephen, the first Christian martyr, was one of those in charge of the poor and needy. He is outstanding for his forgiveness of his enemies. Patron of deacons, stonemasons and bricklayers.
Tuesday 27th  – St John, Apostle & Evangelist, brother of James, ‘beloved disciple’ of the Lord. . He is considered to be the author of the fourth Gospel, the Book of Revelation and three Letters. The Letters especially teach the law of love; he is said in his old age to have preached only one message – Love one another.
Wednesday 28th  – The Holy Innocents, Martyrs. Today we remember the children who were killed at the command of King Herod who hoped to include Jesus among the dead. The holy family escape into Egypt and live there for some time as refugees.



Fr. S. Rochford, 062/57103; Mobile 086/8162660.

Fr.S.Kennedy, 062/57111.


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