Parish Bulletin – 21st July 2019 : 16th Sunday

Masses During The  Week.

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 9.30am;

Wednesday & Sat: 7.30pm; Sun:  11.00am.



Maureen Key (nee O’Reilly, Rodus), in Cardiff.

Mary Toole (nee O’Dwyer, Chantersland), London.


Month’s Mind:

Thomas Burke,The Bridge, Monemore- Sat 27th 7.3



Paddy & Mary Burke, Monemore- Sat 20th , 7.30pm.

Paddy & Kitty Dalton, Lackelly – Sun 28th, 11.00am


Readers  For  Next  Week.

Saturday 7.30pm.         Anna O’Dwyer.

Sun  11.00am,             John Hennessy.


Collectors – July.

Sat 7.30pm:      Mary Condon, Gerry Heffernan,

Mary Slattery, John Bourke.

Sun 11.00am:   Rita Quish, Helena Cahill,

Johnny Martin.


Eucharist Ministers for July.

Sat 7.30;     Patsy Hennessy.

Sun 11am:  Bridget Heffernan.

Meeting of Eucharist Ministers: Tuesday, 23rd,     .    .              8.00pm,  Duhig House.


Adoration: Wednesday 5.00 to 7.30pm.

Peace-and-quiet time of personal prayer.


Church Cleaning: Tues 23rd , 10.15am


Open  Door,  Open  Heart.


We Irish like to boast about our hospitality. It’s a curious fact, worldwide, that people who have little by way of the world’s goods tend to be generous and welcoming. They know, at first  hand, how something small can make a big difference. Having a lot can make us hoarders.


Maybe we Irish learned hospitality from the Bible. Abraham and Sarah entertained three strangers who turned out to be angels come to gifts them with a child. Martha feeds a hungry Jesus and his hungry companions. Mary goes even further: she gives him her whole attention.


We do well when we give him attentive time.



Viatores  Christi  :  Welcome!

This weekend we welcome Mary Winters to spe

on behalf of Viatores Christi – Travellers for Christ. This is an association of Catholic lay

missionary development workers who serve in areas of need in Africa, Asia and South America.


Their purpose: “Our vision is a world of freedom, peace and justice, where everyone is empowered to live their lives with dignity, equality and respect. Challenged by Gospel values, we share life’s journey with the poor and marginalized. True to our Catholic tradition, we aim to uphold Christian values in everything.”


Your prayers and financial support will be much appreciated.  And volunteers greatly welcomed.

Pilgrimage  to  Knock  Shrine

Annual diocesan pilgrimage on Sunday, 4th August, led by Archbishop O’Reilly. Coaches from Galbally (7.30am) & Knocklong (7.45am). Pilgrims from Emly are asked to phone Bridget Fitzgerald on 086-3594571, after 7.00pm each evening, to book.

Adult fare:€25;  children €10 each.



A handful of seats available on pilgrimage, from Shannon, 5th September. Contact: John O’Brien, group leader, 086-8586304.


Diocesan  Listening  Report (page 40)

“Mary sat down at the Lord’s feet and listened to him speaking.”

  1. a) “I believe it is women, and mothers in particular, who have done great work in passing on the faith.”
  2. b) “An increased role for women in Church life will ensure faith into the future.”
  3. c) “Women need to be involved in leadership and decision making.”


Give thought to: How best can we be inclusive of .     .                          the gifts of women in our Church?


Healing God,  come to my hidden corners,

open the doors to my soul rooms that are tightly locked.

Clarify my confusion, fire my neglected loves;

Brush off my dusty dreams, deepen my sense of self-esteem;

ease my sore relationships,

Nurture my spiritual hungers; stir up my connection with the world, grow my inner freedom.

Joyce Rupp.